Contact Prayers, God has counted all things



There have been many attempts by some to cancel or reduce the number of Salaat, Contact Prayers.  My job is to warn people not to fall for Satan’s tricks and follow the truth.


We learn from the Quran, a 19-based mathematically coded book, that its mathematics as well as its literal structure are beyond human and Jinns capabilities no matter how much assistance they give one-another (17:88).


Now let us look at the first sura or chapter in the Quran, namely the Opener or the Key. This sura has seven verses and when recited in the original Arabic has 29 Arabic words, signifying the 29 initialed suras in the Quran.  When one finishes reciting this sura, one runs into the first (1st) initialed sura in the Quran namely the “Cow”. One notices that this sura has 286 verses. We, therefore, have the number 1286. Some may recognize this number, however, I will explain this profound number and how it tells how many times a day you contact your Creator.


Let us take our number 1286 and multiply it by 19, the base of the Quranic mathematical structure, we have;


                     1286 × 19 = 24434.


Those who observe their Contact Prayers recognize the digits of the product number on the right-hand side are the number of “Rak’a”s or units of the Contact Prayers during 24 hours. 2 units at dawn, 4 units when the sun starts declining from the highest point in the sky, 4 units in the middle of the 24-hour day, 3 units during early evening right after sunset, and 4 units during the night, after the twilight is gone.  These add up to 17 units during the 24-hour day and signify the 5 daily contact prayers. Note also that the digits of 1286 also add up to 17.      


This is a monumental sign from God and a response to those who challenge God as to where in the Quran He has mentioned the number of Contact Prayers. 


The 29-word “Opener” signifying 29 initialed suras in the Quran. If we subtract 29 from 114, the number of chapters in the Quran, we have 85 un-initialed suras in the Quran, and therefore


                          85 = 5 × 17.


The un-initialed suras also tell us that we observe the Contact Prayers 5 times a day, and that there are 17 units total in these prayers.


Let us see if we can find the 17 units of the Contact Prayers elsewhere in the Quran. For this we will go to the 17th initialed sura in the Quran. This chapter is called “Luqman”, a righteous man to whom God bestowed wisdom.  In verse 17 of this 17th initialed sura, Luqman advises his son;



3484 2016 2921 1574 862 17


O my son, observe the contact prayer; advocate righteousness and forbid evil and be patient in the face of adversity. Indeed these reflect strength of character.  


This is only half the story. Note that this sura has 34 verses and 34 is equal to 2 times 17. Note the sura right after 31 in called “Prostration”. Therefore, the number 34 signifies 2 prostrations per unit of Contact Prayer for a total of 34 prostrations per day.


Verse 31:17 contains the 57th frequency of the word Salaat in the Quran. If we subtract 17 from 57 we get to the verse 19:31.   Let us see what this verse says.



2279 1260 1298 505 559 31


And He has blessed me wherever I may be and has enjoined me regarding the contact prayer and the cleansing charity as long as I live.


And the verse 19:34 tells us;



2282 1263 1301 507 34


Thus was Jesus, son of Mary a truthful narration, about which they doubt.


Ultimate Mathematics


The word Jesus has been mentioned a total of 25 times in the entire Quran (see verse 19:1). The word Jesus is only mentioned once in this sura and it is the 19th frequency of the word “Jesus” from the beginning of the Quran.


Again signifying 31:34 and the practice of Jesus regarding the Contact Prayers as God commanded him.


Can we find the number 1286 elsewhere in the Quran? The answer is “yes”. Remember that the Opener has 7 verses and 29 words. So let us go to the 7th initialed sura in the Quran which is sura 13 and this happens to be the 29th initialed sura that was revealed.  The frequency of the initials A, L, M, and R in this sura is 1482. If we factor this number we then have;


                   1482 = 2 × 3 × 19 × 13.


The indices of these prime factors are;


                               1  2  8  6.


This not only tells us that the 1st initialed sura has 286 verses but it also certifies the number of the times and units per Salaat during the day by;


                  1286 × 19 = 24434.



Note that the product of the digits 2 , 4, 4, 3 and 4 is 384 and 384 written in base 19 is 114 which is the number suras in the Quran. These are awesome signs that God has revealed and there is still time for those who not only have abandoned the Contact Prayers but go around misleading others and preventing them from observing the Contact Prayers to repent, for God is The Accepter of Repentance, All Merciful. As for those who refuse to accept these signs and follow their egos and try their best to mislead others and prevent them from observing their Contact Prayers are true disbelievers and their reckoning rests with God.